Happy Time Murders


  • I’ll say onthing for the”happy time Murders”it has a great traile “Happy TimeMurders” trailerrhttps://youtu.be/CqRanVHR6sU  and I was sold on seeing the film from the first viewing
  • . Better yet, weeks later I discovered that it was a rare comedy indeed in that *all* the funny moments were not in the trailer- in fact the film( an “LA Noir” private detective film where all of the characters are muppets) was almost top heavy in funny bits to the point where I was laughing out loud right the way through; Iit was *that* funny, in fact, I felt quite odd, I seemed to be the only person laughing!was there something wrong with me(aside from the obvious of course) When the film ended, it became apparent that I had been mistaken about people sitting behind me-in fact, the theatre was empty! In a way this was a relief, then what did I expect at the first session in the morning, on a weekday, anyway? In any event I’ve been giving it great word-of-mouth ever since and its as silly as the president so I guess it’ll pick up support as it goes on- though it will deserve it. Sorry.I should try to keep my film reviews, at least free of barbs at that particular loathsome glove-puppet..
  • “The Happy time Murders is a very slick and professional fil, and very funny indeed, all the way through.I recommend it with only one proviso; After we’d seen it, my carer and I were both short-tempered with eachother an had a fiery little spat about nothing. This was totally unlike us and quite unexpected. On reflection, I was inclined to point the finger at the film we’d just seen.Like Joan Rivers, the humours tone is somewhat mean-spirited, and I felt the tone had taken root in us over the course of a 78 minute bombardment of  the the kind of jokes you’d never find in the “Muppet Show”- Which is something of a co-incidence. Since the “Henson” name is plastered all over the end credits.Jim and I presume his daughter, seem to be throwing off the suffocating load of “cute” brought about by a lifetime of “Kermy” Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear and of course the whole diabetic regugitation of “Sesame Street” this show is “street” too but its all hard street and I say, the better for it. The foulness of “The HappyTime Murders” came to me like a breath of fresh air blowing away the stench of the Industrial rose air freshener that had been used to cover the reek of horse shit.

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