Crazy Rich Asians

At first and perhaps even second and third, glance “Crazy Rich Asians” is a delightfully, tantalisingly *new* taste sensation for  cinema-goers bilious with a gluttonous over-supply of American Comedy-Thrillers and Indian dance-offs. The story of a young Chinese American ( or American Chinese) encountering the giga- rich Sinaporean family of her new fiance is a kind of fairy tale of materialism- the perfect story of a young woman effectively proving that access to her vagina is worth the price she is “asking” for it. Mother-in-law to be thinks that it isn’t her betrothed  thinks that it is. Opinions are divided and everyone seems to have an opinion, and the belief that they have a vote. The brass ring isn’t brass and the heroine of the story isn’t in it for the money anyway-and its upto her to convince some exceptionally cynical people of that.

The thing is, “Crazy Rich Asians” isn’t really new at all. It can easily be seen as “Brideshead Revisited” updated and re-set in Singapore; since it is essentially the same story with “brideshead” being more understandable to Western audience but rather less communicable the the Asin market. As far as I was concerned this was probably the weakness of “Crazy Rich Asians” Bluntly, being a round-eye I found some difficulty telling the characters apart- especially during the set up beginning hours of the film before the script seemed to find its feet and the cast gained sufficient flesh to take hold of my interest. The film starts slow, becomes complicated and pulls itself together in its last half hour. Halfway through “CRA” I was convinced I was having trouble understanding it because I wasn’t asian. By the end I’d decided I had far more in common with them than the reverse.Except, and perhaps quite importantly, that I don’t like that kind of dumpling.

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