Invisible Man (2020) review

The invisible Man (2020)
I make no bones about having misgivings at starting to watch this film, the trailer a publicityhad made much of its foundations in the “me too” era- an abusive man stalking his ex girfriend with murderous intent- and the ability to turn himself invisible! Being a white male I found I had minimal desire to sit through two hours of accusatory man-bashing- because, of course, such input might react negatively on my delicate male ego.

I was pleasantly surprised- after the grinding slow first hour- anyway. a quick rundown of the plot. -Should be spoiler free. Girl lives with boy in minimalist concrete seaside mausoleum/mansion one night, girl runs out on relationship, hides in a different town with supportive people. Strange things start happening. Girl feels that she is being stalked, but no-one is there! What can be going on? To be truthful, what is going on is the feeling that you are being forced to sit through a whodunnit called. “The Butler did It”- There is suspense but no the suspense of waiting for discover but the kind where the audience(me) is wishing that the director would stop pissing around and get to the point. After all, the film is called “the invisible man” the only real available suspense is waiting for the bastard to become visible, and wondering whether the wait is going to be worth it.

I’m happy to report that at least in my case, the wait was worth it. Once Kate Moss actually starts acting and the climax got underway the film contains more than a few nasty moments- possibly too many as a matter of fact; I can remember saying out loud; “How much longer can this shit go on- and sitting through the final twenty minutes with something of a chip on my shoulder, because, rest assured; ”The Invisible Man” is shit but as far it goes it is good shit, delivering sensible science, thrill, blood and the odd nasty shock all in time with “ominous music” loud noises and screaming. And what American film has ever ended without someone getting shot? I can’t think of one since “Dumbo”(unless you count peanuts)

Verdict: Its pretty good shit, but art it ain’t

(C) Copyright 2020 Alex Rieneck All Rights Reserved.

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