The Good Liar- review

“Th Good Liar” -review
Seeing “The Good Liar is, on the face of it, a complete no-brainer: a cast like Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren almost screams that this is no lightweight project. Stir direction by Bill Condon (Gods &Monsters) into the mix and if you’re a cinema goer with a brain, you have an unmissable film. So I saw it on opening day, at the morning session and sadly; wasn’t as overwhelmed with positivity as I had hoped to be. I *wasnt* “underwhelmed, but for a thriller full of twists and turns I was disappointed to find that the cynicism I had applied to the trailer had solved the big “mystery” of the plot. Simply. In this present social climate Ian McKellen cannot be the Heavy, kill Helen Mirren and wander off with the boodle. Never happen. So something else has to happen- and with a few out-of-left-field plot twists something does, right on schedule. To say more would spoil it, and I don’t want to do that because “The Good Liar is quite worth seeing, -just rather less so than its golden pedigree would suggestReview copyright (C)2019 Alex Rieneck All Rights Reserved

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