The Incredible Journey of the Fakir

Film Review

This film tells the story of a fatherless young Indian boy who becomes seized by a deep desire to take his mother and himself together from India to Paris, France; to find the boy’s missing father. While mum seems less than ecstatic at the prospect (After all she would be travelling a great distance to find the man who ran out on her) her son’s enthusiasm is unstoppable; he becomes a “Fakir”-(pron:”faker”) or Indian street magician to raise money to fund his travel plans. Fakirs are part con artists, part three card monte dealers with a bit of film flam man thrown in to ease the cash-flow. In very little time Our hero has a wad of cash the size of half a brick, and a very impressed mother in almost no time at all the pair of them are in Paris and the son has discovered that the place is called the city of love for a very good reason, as he falls in love with a beautiful local. In time the Fakir’s father is found by something that, even in the bright light of day, looks real magic andeven though the Fakir never knows the answer, only we, the audience do, in an ending so delicately balanced it has kept me happy in the weeks since I saw the film
Delicate, light ineffably French films don’t get much better than this- very highly recommended. (C) Alex Rieneck 2019

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