More Craziness from the Crazy in Chief

Its been all over the news most of the week. The unsightly creature that somehow became POTUS has announced that the U.S will “walk away” from the INF treaty until Russia and China “Come to their senses.” This treaty which affected intermediate range nuclear weapons like cruise missiles (specifically the kind of shit one would be likely to use in a relatively contained battlefield situation or a specific blackmail / strong-arm scenario) has been welcomed as being a return to the cold war and the beginning of a new arms race. POTUS, approaching the mid-term elections, has done nothing to quell the hysteria; indeed he has attempted to fan the flames as best he can with his quite unimpressive appendage; after all right-wingers *LOVE* an enemy and this drama should stop them all watching incest porn on the internet and masturbating and get them all out to vote. So the idea goes, the saggy creature should get re-elected and if down the track some thousands of people get nuked-well, them’s the breaks.

No Care Taken No responsibility Accepted.

Of course it may well work. The saggy creature got elected once, why not twice? At least thats the plan of the saggy creature’s owners – as for repercussions, they don’t give a fuck beyond sucking as much money out of the country (and everywhere else) as quickly as possible. So in the short term their plan will probably work. The Republicans will probably do well in the mid-terms and the new arms race will enrich the industrialists who own Trump. Of course the plan has side-effects. The US simply can’t afford a new arms race. In the 1980’s the USSR went broke trying to keep up with the United States’ military threat. While across the pond, Reagan suffocated the poor with an horrendous tax burden in order to fund the nuclear deterrent that supposedly kept America safe. Now decades later, the US Government, already taxing as much as it can get away with, is regularly shut down by a complete lack of funds anyway. Now Trump and his cronies want to add a new massive expense to the pre-existing trillion dollar debt. They can’t even address the interest on the debt, let alone the capital but they want new nuclear bombs so they say, “not to worry mom, we can afford it.” 

Now Russia is broke. Trump, a man who is commonly assessed as having the same grasp of economics as a house brick, will send America broke too. 

What will happen then?

Putin will step in and take control and from a global perspective, I think that this will be the best possible outcome for the world.

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