Normandy Nude:

Film Commentary © 2018 Alex Rieneck

“Normandy Nude”

Being blunt about it, everything about “Normandy Nude is cookie- cutter crap, except for the fact that it is is most decidedly not.t. Primarily I think due to the fact that it was not made in one of the “normal” countries for such fluff. Instead of being made in Britain and starring either Claudia Imrie and Julie Walters, or being made in the Us and having maybe Frances McDormand  arm-twisted into working for scale it comes from France and has no-one you’ve ever heard of in it-and in truth is the stronger for it

The story is simple;

A small village in damp and dour North France is going broke. The place  hasn’t changed much over the last few hundred years, except for the odd tractor, but their failure to keep up with the passage of time has left them increasingly becalmed up  the proverbial creek.They were relying on their production of red meat, for example- but the French equivalent of the surgeon General has denounced the horrible stuff as carcinogenic, and the market has stopped buying, to the village’s detriment, Nothing they try to avert the seemingly inevitable works, they throw tantrums at passing cars the side of the road to Paris and get on television but the viewing public are jaded with such antics. Then, out of far left field something that might be help appears. Afamous New York atistic photographer sees a field near their town and reaches a strange very artistic conclusion. He wants to arrange everyone from the village in the field in a geometic pattern and take their photo. He’s famous the picture will bring a veritable tsunami of money; There are only two problems, he wants everone stark bollock naked, and these people are Normans or shall we say the very yardstick by which trucculent and tiresome are measured. As soon as he floats the idea the bickering and the dickering commences after awhile the film (in a typically French way diverges markedly from the expected plot line, becomes a very dry and truly blistering satire and reaches a remarkably raucous and disturbingly thought- provoking conclusion

“Normandy Nude” is a very special film and a remarkably good one. If you love The Coen Brothers, Woody Allen (especially the early funny ones) and “Three Billboards” you’ll probably love it. Failing that there’s probably a new a new “Marvel” film today- you could see that.

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